Thriving Families – supporting families through MIND HEART PLAY & ART

Working with families in Community

At Thriving Families family support we are working cooperatively to build connections, increase capacity, ignite choice and honour uniqueness within families, right here in your local community. This means we want to get to know your family when they are doing ok… and when they are not doing ok. We are working to support parents in their role as parents.

What we have noticed in our work with families is that when we build social connections and look after one and other, we notice things about each other, when people need support we are already connected, rather than getting to the point where it becomes crisis.

Thriving Families family support is open at Nambour Community Centre Mon-Friday. Our playground is always open so call in and see us.

What we do at Thriving Families family support

Individualised  Family Support – meeting families where they are atPop up in the park

Community playgroups

Under the Bell (young parent pop-up cafe and connect)

Pop-up Nature Play in the Park

Youth Groups

Parenting Education Sessions

Parent Talks – Q & A’s for parents

Strong Women Strong Communities (women’s social support)

Hosted Monthly Family Community Events

Host regular family friendly events and gatherings

Volunteer & peer-to-peer opportunities

Who are the workers at Thriving Families family support?

Carey, Kaila, Rachel & Breena are Thriving  Families social workers who are committed to social change. We are attempting to work with families within community, in a way that meets the needs and broader challenges inherent in the social context in which we all live. We know its sometimes tough, and recognise that change and family looks different for everyone, and so endeavor to work alongside families in a way that privileges the lived experience and voice of families, as experts in their own lives and futures.

Who are the volunteers at Thriving Families family support?

Volunteers are you. Families and people like you from our community who care about families and children. We believe that ‘families know best about families’. We appreciate the reciprocity in every engagement – meaning that families and people always have something to bring to each other, even when they are not doing so well.

Connect with us at Thriving Families family support now

We want to connect with parents and families in multiple ways. Drop in and see us, give us a call, text, email or  like us on Facebook@ Thriving Families Nambour Community Centre.

Come to one of our free playgroups or community events. We want to get to know you and your family.

Ph 54764933 or Mob 0411576564


Thriving Families operates as a project of The Nambour Community Centre at 2 Shearer St, Nambour.

Current Playgroup Connections

Monday – Young Parents Social and Support; Young Women’s Creative

Tuesday – Parent Q & A’s

Wednesday – Pop up Nature Play in the Park; Parent Education Sessions

Thursday – Strong Women Strong Communities Social and Art Group; Expecting and Connecting (Mums and Bubs)

Friday – Community Playgroup; Palmwood’s Arvo’s; Feral Friday11825548_1642209072662506_7199198224148846710_n

Who Funds the Program?

This program is funded by the Queensland Department of Communities and the Commonwealth Department of Social Services.