About Us

0_0_0_0_323_246_csupload_16969828Our Vision

Nambour Community Centre’s activities are inspired by a vision in which people experience healthy relationships and create sustainable communities that are safe & just.

 What we do

Nambour Community Centre works with community members (individuals, families & groups) to assist in establishing & strengthening their formal & informal sources of support and collaboration within the community.

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Brochure of the Nambour Community Centre

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 Volunteer & Employment Opportunities

Have you got some time on your hands? Have you got any special skills or would you like to acquire more skills? Then NCC may be the place for you to volunteer. For more detailed information on volunteering at NCC and for vacant positions click here or if you would like to fill out our application form click here.


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Annual Report, AGMs and Management Committee

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Funding Supporters

Nambour Community Centre is a community based not for profit organisation whose activities are partially resourced and supported by Queensland Department of Communities, Multicultural Affairs Queensland, Sunshine Coast Council and Commonwealth Department of Family, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.

 Underlying Values and Principles

  • Community Involvement
  • Working For Reconciliation
  • Celebrating Cultural Diversity
  • Connecting & Belonging
  • Empowerment
  • Development
  • Mutual Partnerships
  • Knowledge, Education & Training
  • Responsiveness
  • Transparency & Accountability
  • Pro-activity: Working with a focus on prevention and early intervention within the community.
  • Instigating projects that focus on building social capital within the community.
  • Sustainability: Creating sustainable outcomes in the maintenance of the cultural, economic, physical and social wellbeing of people and communities in order to reduce the need for ongoing service delivery.
  • Social Justice: Working to eliminate inequity and disadvantage in our society to create fairer and more just outcomes.

Community Services and Activities

  • Information & referral
  • Thriving Families – Family support program, playgroup & volunteer family support
  • Community Development projects
  • Friends Meeting Friends group
  • Community education / workshops
  • Cultural Connections – Multicultural community development
  • Community Events
  • Various support groups based on community aspirations & need.

 Cultural Connections

Cultural Connections is a Community

Development Program with people from diverse cultural background.

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General Community Development Program

The NCC Community Development Program links people and groups together to help build our local community.We support groups and activities and seek to address issues that are of concern in the community. Phone the centre or drop in if you have an local matter to discuss.

Thriving Families

Thriving Families is a family support program that promotes healthy family relationships. Parenting can be demanding and involve many challenges on a day-to-day basis. We can often feel overwhelmed or alone in the process. Thriving Families aims to support parents to build confidence in their parenting role. Thriving Families provides a direct family support service, occasional parenting courses, a volunteer home visiting service & a weekly playgroup.

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Information & Referral Services

We can provide general and community information as well as refer you to support groups, community organisations and human service providers on the coast and state wide. Phone us if you’d like more information or email through our contact page.